About Maryam Nasim

Maryam Nasim is a tarot card reader from Islamabad, Pakistan.

I am a tarot card and Lenormand card reader from Lahore, Pakistan. I provide tarot readings to clients in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, smaller cities, and even to clients who live abroad.

If you are looking for a tarot reader anywhere in Pakistan, you can contact me and I’ll read for you online.

I am a tarot and Lenormand cards expert and have learned professional reading from Tarot Masters and teachers in UK and Australia. I have been doing card reading for over four years and have read for hundreds of clients.

I am also an IT professional and illustrator.

Skills and Services

Tarot Cards Reading, Lenormand Cards Reading, Oracle Cards Reading, Basic Rune Reading, and Basic I Ching.

If you are a learner you can visit my website which is solely dedicated to tarot card meanings at https://tarotoak.com.

The experience I provide

I will give you a good feeling of direction and a feeling that you have been helped. You will get the guidance and strength to make the right decisions. I specialize in relationship guidance counseling with the help of tarot cards. I have a gift of intuition plus extensive knowledge of the meanings of different cards and symbolism. I am a trained painter so getting connected to images is a gift.

How Tarot Works

When you have clarity of mind you feel more relaxed, and decisions and choices can be made more quickly. Consulting the cards may help you get in touch with your intuition, your best guide when making those difficult choices and decisions.

If you’re feeling a little confused about something that’s just happened to you, tarot can help to give you extra insight and could even make you see the whole situation in a new light. Sometimes people act a certain way because they’ve got our best interests at heart, even if this isn’t obvious, to begin with. The cards will attempt to make you see things from the other angle.

If you want a reliable answer, look no further. Make an appointment today, I will guide you.

How much do I charge?

Tarot card and Lenormand card reader from Lahore, Pakistan.

I am offering this special online reading package these days. However, I do not provide in-person and face-to-face readings unless I know the client really well.

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72 thoughts on “About Maryam Nasim”

  1. Maryam is an amazing reader. Very helpful very friendly… gives perfect advice n guidance. Truly a GEM of a person.
    Highly recommend.

  2. I am very happy that I got the best person for tarot card reading. It was my 2nd experience of reading with Mariyam and I am highly satisfied with what she read. She explains the facts very clearly. She interprets the cards in such a way that one can find a fine direction to one’s goals…I highly recommend her for all the people who want to invest their energies in the right direction without wandering aimlessly.
    May God bless her!

  3. Very kind, thorough and to the point in her readings, I got sound advices from her and it felt like talking to someone who wants better for me.

  4. Maryam is a sweetheart and one of the few who listens and answers very patiently. She knew my problems even before I started addressing them to her. She responded to each and every issue and figured it out for me.
    I loved my session with her.

  5. My first reading with Maryam was in 2019 when I was going through troubled times. She really gave me clarity then. I heard her voice notes again a month ago and was surprised by how accurate her reading was and how all she said did transpire in some manner or another. I decided to take her reading again and I am still in awe of how true most of the things she said have been though it has just been a week to it!

  6. I have had a couple of interactions with Maryam and in both cases her readings resonate.. No sugar coating, straight up readings which provide insight to deal with situations.

    Maryam listens patiently and is detailed in the manner she explains things. I would consider her a trusted advisor and recommend her services to all those looking for clarity in life situations.

  7. I had so much confusion pent up regarding a certain situation and maryam guided me through it so smoothly. She gave me the best outlook and perspective on things and helped clear a massive chunk of my clouded judegmemt. Would recommend to everyone!

  8. Maryam is truly gifted! She is a thorough professional who takes her time and spends her energy and skills doing a proper spread. The best thing is that she , unlike other tarot readers, does not encourage another reading too soon. It shows her confidence and also it is for the benefit of the client. She knows her work and is honest, spot on, and lovely to speak to also. Maryam, I feel, is somebody who can facilitate one in making a decision, finding a direction and overall her reading enhances ones’s steps towards a better, useful, intuitive future .

  9. I was really confused & unable to make decission about which career line I shall pursuit. I asked Maryam’s guidance in this regard which turned out so helpful that I feel much relieved after the tarrot session with her. She guided me very well with every minute detail and now hopefully things will turn out much better in my favour than I expected them to be InshaAllah.
    Really thankful to Maryam for her precious time and efforts.
    Many prayers for her.
    Highly recommended

  10. It was my first ever experience of tarot card reading.I m not only fully satisfied but also impressed by Mam Mariam and her way of explaining the facts. She must have a God-gifted talent of such readings.She revealed the things so clearly and interpret the cards in such a way that i got a direction by her guideline.I highly recommend her for all those who want to know about their energies and directions. It was such an amazing experience for me. Many prayers for mam mariam.❤️❤️

  11. I found her in google search.She is incredibly accurate and understand human emotions it was my first reading to any reader.The things she told me were spot on with my up coming Marriage life at first i wouldn’t take it serious but when things went wrong with me just in a month..than i contact her immediately.i told my Situation..she save me for life very helpful & Empath because i was not sure about my sudden unexpexted incidence….what i needed to do she guided me in a right direction.no Sugarcoat i never forget her she save my life was literally Dying..No words can thank you for your compassion your Guidance and support. Ma’am people come to you with grief and misery,pain and leave with a ray of hope.I’m sure angels Rejoice every time you help lost souls find their way.Thank you for being there.I would definitely recommend anyone to experience reading with you and who wants Guidence from a higher source.she is a guiding light many blessing to her..
    Love from Germany

  12. Best Tarot reader in Islamabad. Her predictions are always pin point. Always providing me with the in-depth reading. They way she explain things is sublime. Im actually shocked that how can one be so accurate about future. Really enjoy having a session with her. Wishing you best of luck for the future. Stay blessed.

  13. اللہ کا شکر ہے کہ آج میں بہت خوش اور اچھی زندگی گزار رہا ہوں ۔۔ اس سب میں اللہ کے حکم سے مریم صاحبہ کا بہت بڑا ہاتھ ہے انہوں نے میری بہت رہنمائی کی ہے بہت سے نقصانات سے مجھے پہلے آگاہ کیا ہے اور بہت اس مواقعوں کا بھی بتایا ۔ میرے لئے تو ایک شمعیں ہے اندھیروں سے نکالنے کے لئے ۔۔۔ سب سے بڑی بات یہ دوسرے ٹیڑو ریڈرز کی طرح آپ کو دو باتے کرکے نہیں چھوڑتی بلکہ آپ کی مکمل رہنمائی کرتی ہے اور ہر پہلو سے آپ کم سمجھاتی ہے ۔۔ خدا این کو سلامتی اور خوشحالی عطا فرمائے

  14. I know Maryam since 2020. I have done my latest reading today for new year. It was so accurate and to the point. She revealed to me what I have done last year, she guided me for this. She told me to change my negative thinking , which I have done, got good results in my life. I am ver much grateful to her to show me the right. She has given me the quality of time. She is light in my life and her presence really mean to me. I am totally change my way of thinking what I was one year ago. My reading for 2022 is the best and give me motivation to move on. I am honoured to have her in my life. Highly recommended as she is the best. I really appreciate her love and guidance. God bless her always. Prayers for her. Thank you. Ruby

  15. Had a very insightiful reading from Maryam. Still amazed at the accuracy of about past and present events. She puts in a lot of effort to share details and above all a wonderful person to interact with.

  16. Very accurate reading and insights which gave me goosebumps that how can one be so accurate. She is very kind and gentle helped me formulating my questions that connected the dots of my over all situation and answered all of my specified questions. She is very nice and compassionate person who not only do the reading but also provides the clarity and guide you accordingly. Definitely recommend her.

  17. Got my first ever tarot reading done by @ maryam_nasim.Must say I am so impressed with the accuracy and insights she provided. Listening to her voice notes is therapeutic. How awesome would it be to have a friend like her who can guide you so perfectly.

  18. I just got a tarot reading done and I was amazed at how accurate it was and how much clarity it gave me. It taught me just how much of my fate is in my own hands. Maryam also gave me a free chakra reading. Very insightful. Incredible experience. ❤️

  19. I have been searching in the quest for a perfect reader for the past 13 years but everyone used to come up short but Maryam Naseem was not only eerily accurate but was most compassionate and warm in her approach as a reader…I felt much better after talking to her…It was such a wonderful experience…a definite recommendation to anyone who seeks guidance as she will readily provide you good one through her uncanny third eye?

  20. Tarot helps you to reach the decision in your given circumstances, refine the process and projects your overall personality. . .

    Maryam is very kind and gentle soul, you can discuss with her at lengths. She listens, understand your circumstances carefully and helps you decide better…she does wonderful reading for you,

  21. I have undergone my second reading today and spot on. Yet again much satisfied with the readings shared by Ms. Maryam. These readings are always helpful and create clarity. Well informed decisions always bring you on to the right path towards the destiny and Maryam is very good at advising people and is a through professional. She’s a good advisor and a friend.

    Best Regards

    Sohail Raza

  22. I knew nothing about Tarot and Maryam proved to be a very good intro. My questions might not have been very well formulated but she worked through them and guided me still in a way that made sense to a newbie. How accurate was her reading only time will tell, but i am sure that i can take her advice and keep it in my mind as i go about my day to day and feel confident about things life will throw at me. Thanks Maryam, it was a pleasure and i might be back soon! 🙂

  23. what an amazing tarot card reader. Not only is she accurate, she is detail oriented and gives one a true and complete picture of the situation and how to address /manage life events. Maryam is professional at the same time caring and empathetic. Highly recommended!

  24. I have been following Maryam for around a time when she started reading. She is excellent and explains everything in such a positive way. Her readings have always given me insight and clarity. Apart from very objective readings, the best part is her individual advice.

    Highly recommended.

  25. Randomly found her profile but felt a connection and peace with her. Shared my stuff with her and she gave me a clear positive and faithful advice. Much relaxed now and started to focus as per her reading and sincere suggestion. Love love and light for you Maryam! You’re an angel. Strongly Recommending her as she’s a pure awakened soul.

  26. I came to know through Instagram & decided to give it try. I was impressed by her quick reply and gave time. She is passionate about her work & very honest in her views. She doesnot finish her reading until the client is satisfied. She gave me advice on my personal issues wisely. I really enjoyed my time with her , mental healing for me. Highly recommended, A beautiful soul with kind heart. I wish her all the best in future. Thank you & Best Regards

  27. O MY GOD !
    I wasn’t a believer of tarot cards, but i just thought to give it a try. And for the love of God she shocked me.
    She was on point and i felt really amazing about the reading
    Thanks a lot Maryam ❤️

  28. I finally got the chance to get a #TarotReading reading done! All thanks to @maryam_nasim who made it so easy. Her readings were spot on! I appreciate how she was counselling me all along & Its not just the reading, she made the whole experience so therapeutic ? Thanks again!!

  29. Mariam is an exceptional Tarrot reader. I found her readings to be authentic and real with sincere intention of helping her clients

  30. Spot on reading by Maryam. Can’t believe how accurate it was. How is this even possible. Brilliant advice too and I’m definitely going to be consulting her quite often from now on. Also want to mention how sweet and kind her demeanour was. She has definitely won a lifetime fan. Well done Maryam and good luck with helping more people.

  31. Maryam is a very kind and honest to her work type of a reader. Im super glad that I got to know her and she has actually helped me a lot. More power to you Maryam!

  32. مریم ہو اور مسیحائی نہ کر پائے یہ ممکن نہیں۔۔۔۔
    چوراہے پہ کھڑی یہ میں۔۔۔۔ ہر سمت نکلتے راستے۔۔۔بے یقینی ۔۔۔بے بسی میں بدلتی بے چینی۔۔۔وقت کے ساتھ دوڑنے کی خواہش اور سانس لینے میں بھی دکھن۔۔اس عالم میں کسی مرشد،کسی درگاہ،کسی دِیا کی روشنی جینے کی اُمیدلئے سبھی تک لے جاتے اگر کاغذ سے بنے کچھ کارڈ مجھے مریم تک نہ لے جاتے۔ یہ زندگی کے بے کراں سمندر میں بھنور میں ڈوب جانے سے ذرا پہلے لائٹ ہاؤس دِکھ جانے کا ناقابلِ یقین لمحہ تھا۔
    مریم شکریہ کہ اب جو بھی ہوگا خیر ہے کہ تمہارے ذریعے نوشتہِ دیوار تو پڑھ لیا ۔

  33. I have undergone a reading by Ms. Maryam, The readings have given me peace of mind and direction and unfold the issues I am facing, what she read for me was absolutely what I am going through. She made me to think and decide on to how I can achieve my goals. So, I am taking it as a ground breaking for my next moves.

    Thanks Ms. Maryam,
    God bless you!

  34. Maryam Nasim, in addition to being a wonderful human being, is an accomplished tarot card reader. Her in-depth analysis of a given situation, and results thereof are not only the direct result of the readings, but a rich mix of her general understanding of social, societal, familial, and psychological underpinnings of the situation.
    Her professionalism is note worthy; which permeates through and reflects in the communications before and after the readings, timings of the readings, and self-imposed responsibility of completion of readings in time, with full content, and proposed way forwards.
    Lastly, her trustworthiness is integral, which makes the requester comfortable while sharing data, fears, and information.

  35. I had my first ever experience of tarot card reading with Maryam. Her clarity, surity, accurateness, and thorough professionalism is highly commendable. She has helped me understand my inner conflicts and has convinced me to take practical and positive actions for desirable outcomes.

  36. I got to know about Maryam and these tarot cards reading from twitter. It’s really a very nice session with her. This reading and her contribution is just like a therapy for me … I find Maryam a very kind, precise and understanding person. She cared me not as a client rather like a giver.. prayers for u always Maryam thank u for being u ..

  37. I was skeptical at first but she answered my questions very humbly and in a very detailed manner. She was very accurate about my current life. I felt very comfortable, reassured and motivated. Highly recommended if you are in doubt and your life is directionless.
    Thank you Maryam. Stay blessed.

  38. Got my Tarot’s card reading by Maryam.She is exceptionally kind and sweet and answered all my Qs and queries.The answers were extensive and well thought out and I felt she had an accurate and intuitive understanding of things.Would recommend everyone to give her a try and would definitely do this again.??Thank you

          1. Very good and kind response In whole conversation she was really cooperative though my queries were quite long but she patiently listened to me. Highly recommended And yes, she doesn’t leave you without useful advice. Much appreciated.

  39. I cannot explain in words how different my tarot card reading experience was with Maryam. She is too good at it ma sha Allah, explains each and everything in detail. In whole conversation she was really cooperative though my queries were quite long but she patiently listened to me. Highly recommended due to her accuracy and problem solving skills. And yes, she doesn’t leave you without useful advice. Much appreciated.

  40. I find the information and insights shared by her are amazingly true and will be helpful in taking care of professional and personal life. I highly recommend her services.

  41. Thanky so much for your read it really put my mind at ease.im hopeful you that u are accurate n it will come to happen

  42. The best part of dealing with maryam was that our privacy was kept intact,she asked for no personal information apart from the names.A realy humble and co operative person to deal with.Extremely satisfied with the results!

  43. Very accurate reading. My question was answered with clarity and if say it was almost completely accurate. Much recommended if it’s what you’re looking for but are on the fence. Go for it.

  44. I had a very pleasant experience with Maryam. I didnt know it was possible for someone to be so accurate in online consultation. Most of the issues she identified were accurate and gave me very elaborate information about the future along with some very useful advise.

  45. I was depressed and upset from last few months and i was clueless whats going on in my life and how to deal with it. Things were getting worst then i came to know about tarrot card reading skills of Maryam n i was amazed to see without any informtion she told me everything n it was so accurate.Getting my tarot reading done was a great experience.She provided me with clarity , her predictions helped me alot and guided me to take furthur decisions. Highly recommended.
    Stay blessed Maryam
    Love !!

  46. Getting my tarot reading done was a great experience. Despite the fact that I was meeting Maryam for the first time, I felt very comfortable sharing my personal details with Maryam. She welcomed all questions and made sure to answer them to its best.
    Maryam has a great skill; I highly recommend her to be consulted.

  47. Spot on reading. ..
    I liked it because it helped me understand the reasons behind my own behaviors that i couldn’t relate before. So basically my thought process was more streamlined with better clarity of the situation.
    Would definitely recommend her.

    1. Maryam’s reading turned out to be far more insightful than I imagined. She’s exceptionally sweet and very easy to feel comfortable with. Listens earnestly and gives quite an accurate analysis of problems that she reads through her tarot cards.

  48. she is a lovely person always there to help and listen to whatever problem i have ..a very original person and a good friend may Allah always keep her happy and blessed

  49. She is friendly helpful and brilliant with clear mind to reach out others for help whoever come into contact with her. A very polite soul.
    May God Give her successes.

  50. A friend recommended Maryam to me and was all praise for her skills, and rightly so. I reached out to her and she was kind enough to provide excellent advice through her reading. Her clarity of thought shines through her work ethic and not to mention what a remarkable human being she is.

  51. With no personal information except names, she does a marvellous job. Having no knowledge or experience about Tarots before, my experience with her was surprising and exciting. The best part was her understanding the need to explain a few things to guide me and I am humbled by her patience with me. I truly recommend it, especially for those who are going through tough situations and need a little direction.

  52. I got multiple readings done from Maryam and they were always accurate. She is not only passionate about tarot cards reading but extremely dedicated to it as well and that shows in her work. Based on her readings she guides you really well helping untangle whatever is worrying you. I highly recommend Maryam simply because I know she won’t disappoint you.

  53. Everyone goes through hard times and try to find a good guidance to get through that hardship so maryam once showed up on twitter as that one light that brighten your path and guide you through all
    She was so so very kind to do me a tarot reading that was absolutely mind blowingly* correct 🙂 and i wish you all the great success in your work and would 200% recomend her to everyone

  54. I came to know about Maryam randomly through a social website and there I decided to take help from her on a personal matter for which i felt my life was totally stuck. She gave me advice and confidence and gave me very accurate readings. I was surprised at how accurate she was in Tarot card readings for me.
    I woul’d really like to recommend people to consult her for solution of their problems.

    I wish Maryam Nasim all the best!

  55. I came across Maryam on a social website when I was really in need of some understanding about my issues. I’m glad we could connect and she was very kind to explain me things in detail. I have high regards for her and wish her all the best for her future plans.

  56. I was going through hard times when I stumbled upon a retweet of Maryam by a friend which was about tarot card reading. I had a brief idea about such readings before that but the next thing I was doing was sending her a dm about my problem. Maryam was so kind that she listened to it and not only that but also responded to the questions on that very day. Her reading gave me an insight into the matter. The thing that impressed me about her is that her readings helped me staying positive. Most importantly, her readings were quite accurate as well. I wish her all the best.
    To all the people who are looking for a direction, going through hard times or simple need guidance must contact her. She is such a gem!

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